The new omBuddy is Martin Sneath. You can contact him at

The reports below are the work of the former omBuddy, Marc Gorcey.


There were two new issues that I worked on as omBuddy in the past six months. These issues are numbed 3 and 4 as they are the 3rd and 4th issues received since I became omBuddy. Please email me at if you have any specific questions about any of the issues. I would rather discuss such questions offline, however if I do receive questions on any aspect of the report I may either reissue it with an update, or send an explanatory email to BurnT.

Ombuddy Issue 3

In January, I was called in to help mediate a dispute between two members of the BurnT Board of Directors. As per the omBuddy Charter, I spoke with each participant and worked with them to establish a path to deal with the issue. They agreed to the path I proposed, and the three of us met to discuss and work our way through the issue. We were able to agree on a way forward in the meeting itself. I followed up with notes from the meeting, which were formally agreed to by the participants, via email.

Because all participants wanted the matter settled quickly, and were responsive and proactive in working with the omBuddy the entire timeline from the point where my help was requested, to the point where we reached agreement on the way forward took only one week. The participants did not request my assistance after that mediation.

Ombuddy Issue 4

On March 13th, the BurnT board of directors asked me to help conduct a post project review meeting for Decomp 2013. (Such a review is sometimes called a postmortem meeting.) After speaking to several participants, I determined that it would make more sense for me to interview people individually, and also to review existing survey responses on the event. I reported to the board that I would submit a report based on that research.

My objective was to collect common responses of what worked and what could have gone better from a variety of perspectives. I interviewed more than ten stakeholders for the event (BurnT board members, Event Leads and Event Volunteers) over email, in person and via phone to varying degrees of detail. The length and depth of interview/discussion was based on how much the individual had to say, and whether their perspective on the event was different from others’ whom I had already received.

On April 13th, I submitted the report to the BurnT board of directors. The report summarized positives/negatives reported by those involved with the event at all levels and in various areas of activity including: communication, overall direction, people and outreach.

I refrained from passing on recommendations in the report, except for one:I recommended that future BurnT events focus on creating a ‘people first’ policy, ie. prioritizing positive personal interactions, while still ensuring that the event runs smoothly. ‘People first’ was the only recommendation here, and whether to implement that, or how to implement that is up to the Board and event organizers.

Other omBuddy related matters:

Closing off of omBuddy Issue 1

On March 31st of this year Ben Mossbarger (BurnT BoD) satisfied the recommendations from omBuddy issue 1 by issuing records of decisions (Board Meeting skeleton minutes) and posting them at:

Also, as part of the board response to Issue 1, the BurnT Officer Memorandum of Understanding was distributed to BurnT officers on February 5th of this year, and signed in March.

Other Activities

As omBuddy, I responded to several queries from the community that did not result in issues. These included: questions regarding what types of mediation the omBuddy is mandated to get involved in, questions about the roles of individuals associated with the BurnT non-profit, and questions about the BurningMan regional network.

Once again, many thanks to the BurnT Board, to all Officers and Volunteers for the hard work they put in for our community and to BurnT for your continuous awesoming !

omBuddy Marc