One of the best ways to get into the spirit of our community is to pARTicipate and make things happen. Our entire community runs on volunteer power, so if you’re willing to step up we’d love to have you. We call it a Do-Ocracy. Have a great idea about something that could be done? Tell us how we can help you step up and do it 🙂

Hyperborea  is volunteer run from the DPW crews going to prepare the land before the event, the Greeters welcoming you on-site, First -aiders taking care of your ailments, plus many more teams. Fill out this survey if you’re interested in getting involved.

There are still a few lead rolls available: Gate, Greeters, Parking, LNT. Please

If you aren’t up for volunteering now but want to stay in touch, sign up for our newsletter, send us an email, or come out to one of the Burner events.