This year’s Mooseman weekend is set to take place in a new venue on a hilly terrain near Haliburton ON. Our site this year is beautiful, and will include a 1 km ring road through the forest taking you on a magical path past dance venues and theme camps. Tickets may be purchased by pARTicipants 19 years of age or over. See below for a note below for policies with regards to children. Note that ALL admissions are on-line ‘will call’ tickets.


This event adheres to these 10 core principles:


An event of mOOseman’s magnitude needs many hands and minds to come together to be a success. Given the scale of this year’s event, it is critical that all pARTicipants volunteer to assist in some capacity to make the event a success.

We’re all volunteers so why not join the fun of working to make the event happen?

Email NOW to get involved! Even a couple of hours of your time before or during the event will make it run that much better. Volunteering is also a great way to meet or get to know our community pARTicipants better.


Site in and out access for cars will be restricted during the weekend due to space restrictions.. Please if you will require in/out privileges.


The camping is gorgeous but somewhat more remote than in the past. In keeping with the natural beauty minimal camp structure is encouraged in this area. Generators are strongly discouraged. Fires and all sources of open flame may be banned in the general camping area, depending on regional conditions. This is real camping: electricity and water will not be available in the area. Foodstuffs and organic refuse should be kept locked away, thereby not encouraging camp invasion by wildlife. There is a public lake with swimming a short (1 km) walk away.


Fires are entirely dependent on environmental conditions and local burn policy. Fireworks are not permitted at the event. Weapons are not permitted at the event


(yes, this is a joke)


In line with Burning Man Organizations statement on Children at the Burn Kids are welcome at the event – Children 13 and older require a full price ticket and Must be accompanied by parent (or legal guardian) 21 years or older. (Children 12 and under enter free with parent).


The parent(s) must take full responsibility for their minor (17 years old and under) children. That is, if they mess it up, parents get to make it right. The same applies to all children’s behaviors, if they are doing something that might be dangerous or harmful participants should expect that it will be resolved via escalation process outlined below:


While this is a fun event for both kids and parents, planning for any emergencies is crucial. Bring you and your Children’s health card, documentation if any health conditions they may have, and any necessary medications – both prescribed and over the counter. Remember to bring comfort meds too – gravol for upset tummies, Tylenol and benadryl for those bug bites! If your child gas a serious allergy, consider having this clearly labelled on them.
Adult participAnts are reminded to not give food to young children unless there has been a check in with their parents.

Escalation Procedure:

1) Speak to the child (really useful, but optional – if so skip to #2). Explain what behaviors need changing and why. Please try to use terms that indicate the behavior is what is bad or unwanted, not that the children would take as negative towards them. For example: “Hey buddy, it really makes me mad when you knock over my drink” not “You are a bad boy for knocking over my drink”. If you don’t feel comfortable correcting the kids behavior, don’t, just speak to parents immediately (#2).

2) Talk to the Parents. A Critical step. Explain what behaviors need to be changed, and why. Please don’t try to change (or suggest changes) someone’s parenting style… much variation not usually taken well. Focus on the behavior. (Problem: Running around open drinks and knocking them over; Desired solution: Be careful around drinks, Kids playing away from adults).

3) Event organizers. Speak to event organizers (Parent Leads (NaughtyNurse Amanda and CampCounsellor Brad) or Event Leads (Marc/Dave/etc)). Relay outcomes of steps (#1(optional) or #2) taken and what you would like see happen. Event organizers will make a decision on resolution, or conditions moving forward. (“We will ask you to leave the event if you don’t resolve the problematic situation”).


Theme camps have the right to not want children within their camp – if you have a theme camp that you want for adults only, it is expected that you have a sign clearly indicating so.

At the Mooseman Event, participants with children are encouraged to camp close to one another. We will be dedicating a camping area for families.

Any further questions – please email:


Requests for pet admissions will be considered on a per-case basis to the leadership team. Please email with a statement of the pets character as well as a management plan for the pet. Please email if you have any questions/concerns/ponits to make about pets attending this event.


BurnT is committed to supporting and funding where possible interactive, collaborative, community art. We welcome all pARTicipants to create art at mOOseman that will enhance our collective experience. This is your chance to satisfy a deep soulful desire to create and share your work with others in a non-judgemental, supportive, an inspiring environment! Be creative, think outside the box and tell us your vision! Together, in all modalities of artistic self-expression, we create the magic that is mOOseman! Please email to request an art grant application. Once complete, art grant applications go to

YOUR pARTicipation

No advertising, commerce or spectating. Mooseman is about pARTicipating and respecting the 10 principles above. We’re not about promoting commercial or political causes, participating in commerce, or showing up to be entertained. Bring yourself to the event and make mOOSeman2011 a success by getting involved.


All admission sales are * FINAL* – Absolutely no admissions will be sold at the event. Your fees must be paid and you must be registered by July 27th. Only registered pARTicipants will be admitted. – Ticket purchasers must be 19+ – All pARTicipants must present valid government issued photo ID with a name that matches their registration name on the Will-Call list prior to entering the event venue. – All pARTicipants must sign a waiver and release prior to entering the event venue. – No commerce – No fireworks – No weapons – Child policy will be announced week of July 4th – * Admissions fees may be transferred up to the last day of admission sales (July 27, 2011) WITH notification to the event organizers of the transfer AND submission of the new buyer’s name and email address. Email for transfers.

PLEASE email if you have any questions.


Announcements are also made via the BurnT Google Group: