Mooseman 2017: The Scent of a Moose

6pm Aug 3 – noon Aug 7 in Minden Ontario.

Are you ready to get your Moose on? Every year we take to the woods for the Simcoe Day weekend and every year the neighbours tell even greater tales of how weird we are. Little do they even know…

There will be DJ’s and dancing in the woods, Theme camps with activities from sing-a-longs to spankings, workshops, cabaret, art, and sitting round a campfire with friends; all culminating with fire spinners and the burning of the effigy on Sunday night.

Tickets are now on sale:

Early Bird pricing level tickets will be available at $65 
Regular tickets will be $85 and $100 at the door if any are left

Have extras space in your vehicle? Or looking for a ride?
carpool sign up is coming soon!

Do you want to get involved? 

ART GRANTS: Arts grant applications closed

THEME CAMPS: Theme camp applications closed

EVENT LEADS: Leads are set and volunteers are being contacted.


Have any questions? Ask them here on the Facebook page and we will answer.(generally within 24 hours)




Burner Newbie Night – Wednesday July 26 7-9pm

It seems like it’s time again for another Burning Man newbie night!

We’re no experts, but we’ve been a few times and have a fetish for over planning, so hopefully our thoughts will help you work out how you want to get there (and back!), what you want to camp in, what you’ll take with you and how not to die.

We’re all for Radical Inclusion, so burners new and old are welcome to come join – come along and make some new friends!

There will be a 45min or so presentation starting at 7pm (so feel free to show up early!), then open discussion for Q&A with us, or whoever else there has some great tips.

If you’ve got any specific questions you’d like answering, feel free to ask them here  on our Facebook page ahead of time!


*Burner Drink Nights
is a biweekly event that alternates between East and West end locations. A chance to get and stay connected with Fellow Burners in a relaxed social environment.Ongoing Events:

Alternate Thursdays 6:30- 9:30 Check event listing  on the news page for dates and locations. (may go later depending on attendance)

*Site 3 coLaboratory is a 2,000 square foot member-run makerspace in Toronto’s west end. We are dedicated to making, teaching, learning and thinking about the intersection between art and technology. We make amazing things, and we teach others to make amazing things, too. MoreInfo

General Open House every Thursday 7-10

Women + LGBTQ Alliance Night. Every Tuesday 7-10




Other Annual Events run by people we like include:

Santarchy (December)
Urban Golf (spring / fall)
Brides of March (March)
Bunnarchy (April)
Town Hall Discussions
Art Fundraisers (ongoing)

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