Interested in Leadership?

In order for us to continue making MooseMan bigger and better, we’re on the lookout for other awesome doers and leaders in the community. Fresh blood brings a more diverse mix of skills to keep things evolving and allows us to all spread the load to prevent burn out.

If being a part of our super-motivated and capable team of lovely humans interests you, we’d love to hear from you and hear what you’d like to bring to the team!

Our leadership is broken down into two distinct groups:

Board of Directors (BoD) provide year-round, leadership over the direction of the non-profit Corporation and manage long-term skills sharing, growth and community engagement. The roles here are typically administrative, organisational and managerial positions. You can see who is currently on the BoD here: Directors and Officers

Event Leads are a much larger team that provide event-specific leadership to make things like MooseMan happen. The Board of Directors may also hold event leadership positions, but the event teams are much larger than just the BoD and the event itself is run by the Event Lead.