Have a question, concern, or want to volunteer with BurnToronto? Here’s a few of the people you might want to talk to:

The BurnToronto Board
The board is a group of volunteers primarily charged with handling the dull bureaucratic and financial side of BurnToronto’s two main events: The Moose Man festival in the summer, and TComp, which usually happens in the late fall or early winter each year.

Contact us at burntbod@googlegroups.com

Reasons to contact us include:
– Wanting to participate in the community generally
– Voicing your desire to improve the community through constructive criticism and ideally, a willingness to step up and help make it happen
– Other concerns that specifically deal with BurnToronto, it’s mission and what opportunities and possibilities we might want to consider

Burning Man’s Regional Representatives for Toronto
In cities around the world, the Burning Man Project has established Regional Contacts whose role is to help local Burners connect with each other, while bringing Burning Man principles and culture into their local communities.

Regionals leverage technology to facilitate regular communications, including announcement and/or discussion email lists. Through these, co-located (if not physically proximate) Burners can keep the flame alive through dialog, collaboration, and inspiration.

Contact them at Toronto[[at]]burningman[[dot]]com

*Please note: BurnToronto is a local organization not sanctioned or legally tied to Burning Man, while the Regional Reps work on behalf of Burning Man to connect with the local community and are not part of BurnToronto.*