BurnT Participant Code of Conduct

At all BurnT events, participants are responsible for their own behaviour and resolving their own issues.

Participants are expected to behave in a manner that does not make others feel unsafe, threatened and/or harassed.

BurnT will not condone any behaviour that endangers its ability to hold current or future community events.

We are guided by the 10 Principles of Burning Man. BurnT expects participants to create and maintain a space that is welcoming for all attendees. Participation in BurnT events is open to all participants; however, continued attendance can be revoked if a participant fails to respect other attendees or behaves in a way that violates this code of conduct.

Participants may report any incident in which another participant is behaving in an abusive, intimidating, threatening, or unsafe manner. (Physical hazards, such as unsafe art installations or fires, should be referred to event organizers/leads). Reported incidents will be addressed according to the BurnT Conduct Committee Investigation Policy.

Last Updated: 13th February 2017