BurnT Conduct Committee

Investigation and Decision Principles and Procedure

Subject to the below procedure, reported incidents will be investigated to gather enough information to make a recommendation whether to allow someone continued participation in BurnT events.

The responsibilities of Investigators are to:

  • Document each incident report
  • Determine whether a report is actionable pursuant to the below procedure
  • Gather enough information to understand the situation and provide that information to the conduct committee for a decision

The responsibility of the Conduct Committee is to investigate complaints and make a fair and reasonable recommendation to the Board on continued participation in BurnT events.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

If a participant makes an anonymous report, or does not want the investigators to talk to the involved persons or person(s) the report is about (the “reportee”), the report will not be investigated. The Conduct Committee will also not make a recommendation on continued participation. The Conduct Committee will document the reported information.

During the course of an investigation, the investigators and the Conduct Committee will attempt to maintain the anonymity of those involved in the investigation, however, we cannot guarantee anonymity.

If you are involved in an investigation (e.g. reporter, witness, person contacted for information) we ask that you keep all information about the investigation confidential, subject to any and all applicable laws.

All Conduct Committee members must comply with the Confidentiality Policy for Conduct Committee Members as follows:

All information will be kept  as confidential as possible. Information about the report will only be shared, to the extent necessary, with  Conduct Committee members and BurnT Board Members. In the event of emergencies, basic information can be released if the situation requires disclosure. No identifying information should be kept in a place where someone not on the Conduct Committee will have access to it.

Reporting and Investigation Procedure

The reporting of an incident and investigation, if any, will typically follow the below steps. However, the circumstances of an incident may require that the Conduct Committee address the report and investigation in a different manner. The Conduct Committee will address reports and investigations in the manner it deems suitable in the circumstances.

Typical Reporting/Investigation Procedure

  • When the Incident Report Form is submitted, the Conduct Committee lead(s) are notified of the report. The Conduct Committee may also initiate an investigation if a number of non-actionable reports are made about an individual.
  • The lead(s) contacts the reporter to verify the content. The reporter will be asked if they want an investigation into the report. If the reporter wants an investigation, the lead(s) will suggest two investigators. If acceptable to the reporter, those investigators will be assigned.
  • Investigators review what has been reported and contact the reporter to gather further information. Investigators explain possible next steps and possible outcomes to reporter.
    • If the reporter does not want the Investigators to interview the reportee the case will be documented, and no further action will be taken. If the Conduct Committee receives other reports about the same person the reporter in this case may be contacted as a witness.
  • If the reporter agrees, investigators will then talk with witnesses and the reportee. The investigators will talk to persons and gather information they deem relevant in the circumstances.
  • Investigators may also consult with character witnesses such as other event hosts, and follow up any leads of similar behaviours to establish if there is a larger pattern.
  • Investigators will prepare and submit a factual report for the Conduct Committee. The investigators will not make recommendations to the Conduct Committee in this report. Persons will not be identified by name in the report to maintain confidentiality and anonymity.
  • The BurnT Board will review the factual report and make a decision on the outcome, such as:
    • Provide a warning
    • Ban a participant from volunteering in particular capacities or in any capacity.
    • Ban from BurnT events, for example, one event, one year or permanently.
    • Archive the information and recommend no action.
  • The report and recommendation will be referred to the BurnT Board of Directors for a decision.
  • The investigators will contact the reporter and the reportee with an official notice of the decision.

Reported incidents will not be investigated if there is an ongoing investigation(s) by law enforcement and/or legal action(s). A reporter, or other persons, may notify the Conduct Committee of the outcome of a law enforcement investigation(s) and/or legal action(s). The Conduct Committee will then determine any further action(s) by the committee.

The Conduct Committee may change these principles and procedures as required and in its sole determination.


Last Updated: 13th February 2017