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Burner Workshop 001: Evap (Swamp) Coolers

October 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


In this workshop you can learn how to build your very own simple yet effective evaporative cooler and share tips and tricks with other people that have done it before.

Pay What You Can, suggested $10-$15

The cooling effect reduces air temperature through the evaporation of water similar to the way your body cools itself by perspiring. This effect works best in very dry air like at Burning Man where you can get a temperature reduction from 37 Deg C to 20 Deg C. Your cooler can be powered by a 12 volt receptacle attached to your vehicle, a clip-on cigarette lighter adapter ($20) connected directly to a 12 volt battery, or 8x AA batteries in a clip.

We’d like to crowd(class?)-source the parts and tools needed to build a cooler in the workshop, so if anyone has any of the items below they can bring along, please post here and we’ll try and keep track of things.

If you’d like to build your own cooler during the demo too, please bring your own parts, but it’s also recommended take that Radical Self Reliance thing and take this parts list and instructions as a guide rather than rules. Be creative, take a look at other coolers around and make it how you want it 🙂

The materials that we will need are:
1) 5 gallon (19L) bucket ($5) Home Depot, Rona, etc
2) 120 mm PC case CPU fan with screws ($10-$15) – Best Buy, TigerDirect, Canada Computer, etc.
3) 18 gauge wire – 2m or more depending on your set up (Home Depot, etc.)
4) Old 12 volt phone charger (your kitchen junk drawer?)
5) Humidifier pads Best Air Extended Life Humidi Wick H75C $20-$25 – Home Depot, Canadian Tire, etc.
6) Optional: inline or cord switch $4-$8 – Home depot, etc.
7) Duct piping to direct airflow ($5) – Home depot, etc.
8) Gorilla tape – small amount

Tools you will need
1) Drill – Dom
2) 1 inch Spade bit
3) 1/8 inch drill bit – Dom
4) Wire stripper – Dom
5) Multi-head screwdriver – Dom
6) Optional: needle and thread

This event is PWYC, with a suggested contribution of $10-$15 so Raw Finery Studio can keep the lights on and keep hosting workshops and classes in the future. A big thank you to Benjamin Tang for letting us use his space.


October 20
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Dom Scott


Raw Finery Studio
555 Richmond St West Suite 1001
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