Hyperborea 2017

Welcome great explorers of the north! We have some exciting news for you: Hyperborea, Toronto’s new officially sanctioned Regional Event, will be on May 19-22, 2017 near Tamworth, ON.

This is a camping event in the Canadian Shield where like-minded people can come together to radically express themselves, show off their interactive art and be their better selves. We strive to be radically inclusive and all are welcome, whether you’ve been to Burning Man a hundred times, or have no idea who we are – we’d love to see you and welcome you into our community.

We also support radical self reliance and leave no trace. That means there are no facilities on-site, so bring your own food, water, shelter and supplies for the weekend. If you pack something in, make sure you have space to pack it out with you too.
You can find out more details of what you’ll need in our Survival Guide here: http://burntoronto.ca/hyperborea/hyperborea-survival-guide-2017/

Take a look at our amazing site layout to get a feel for where you will call home for the weekend.

10 Principles

This event will be run in accordance to the 10 Principles of Burning Man – along with our Canadian flavouring, which makes for this to be a gathering unlike any other. If you want to read up on these principles are, you can find them here:


Hyperborea comes from Greek mythology as the city of plenty past the northern winds. As the first year of Hyperborea, the theme is Breaking Ground, so come join us to explore the subject of making new things, discovering new worlds, and forging into the great unknown.

Survival Guide!

We would like to encourage everyone to read the Survival Guide at least twice. This is not like any festivals you have been to, and you need to be prepared both from the standpoint of bringing your own food, water and bug spray, but also how to have the most fun you can when you’re there!

Safety HQ Donations

If you can donate something to make the lives of our Ranger, First Aid and Sanctuary volunteers and guests a little more comfortable, it would be very welcomed!


We are providing a phenomenal space for this event, but it’s the amazing work of volunteers like you that make event run smoothly and feel like a real community. There are still a few slots left that need filling, so take a look at our volunteer shift board to see what things tickle your interest, there’s sure to be something for everyone


The What Where When guide will be sent to ticket holders closer to the fast approaching launch date. If you have an event you, your theme camp or awesome cool group want to run please fill out our What, Where, When form so we can let everyone know. We’ve extended the deadline to May 12th to give everyone time to register their events:

Carpool & Ride Share

Need a ride? Have room for others in your vehicle? We’ve setup this page to empower coordination of transportation to and from Hyperborea:

All The Other Things

If you’re a wonderful and motivated person that would like to get involved even more, we are still looking for Leads for LNT. If you’re interested, please email 2017@tohyperborea.ca