Hyperborea: Breaking Ground

Hyperborea 2017

May 19-22

Welcome great explorers of the north! We have some exciting news for you, that we know you’ve all been waiting for. Finally, we can reveal that the official Toronto regional event is called…Hyperborea and will be on May 19-22 2017 near Tamworth, ON.

This is our first regional event on this incredible new site and we’re excited to see what everyone brings out.


Hyperborea comes from Greek mythology as the city of plenty past the northern winds. As the first year of Hyperborea, the theme is Breaking Ground, so come join us to explore the subject of making new things, discovering new worlds, and forging into the great unknown.

The land has been booked, insurance has been bought, leads have stepped up, we’re ready to roll!


Tickets go on sale at Noon Eastern Time on Wednesday March 15th
Limited Early Bird tickets are $50
Advance Tickets are $75
If there any tickets left, they will be $100 at the gate
Secure your entry to Hyperborea here: http://universe.com/hyperborea

Art Grants!

We have art grants for weird and wonderful art AND an effigy AND a temple and we’d love to give you money to finally experiment and unleash your creative talent.

Art Grant Submissions need to be in by Friday March 24th, so get your ideas going as soon as possible…
If you have ideas for weird and wonderful art, please fill out our Art Grant Application Form https://tinyurl.com/zejadfm

If you have a submission for specifically for either an Effigy or Temple, please fill out the form as best as you can, but also email art@tohyperborea.ca with your proposal.


We encourage everybody to sign up for at least one shift – take a look at our volunteer shift board to see what things tickle your interest https://tinyurl.com/jty6veb

If you’re a wonderful and motivated person that would like to get involved even more, we are still looking for Leads for Greeters, LNT, and Parking. If you’re interested, please email 2017@tohyperborea.ca

Theme Camps!

Do you have a camp of amazing people that would like to bring a thing to Hyperborea? Sign up on our Theme Camp Application https://tinyurl.com/hfjp4la and we can get you placement!

Have fun out there people and we’ll be keeping you all informed with more details soon!