BurnT Annual General Meeting 2014 – Minutes

Hello everyone!

We recently held our Annual General Meeting for 2014 at the Elephant & Castle at Yonge and Gerrard. We had a decent turnout and a few new faces too! I’ve uploaded a copy of the minutes from the meeting for your reading pleasure. Check it out below!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact the Board of Directors at burntbod [at] googlegroups [dot] com.


BurnT Nomination/Election Results

After the dust has settled, two excellent nominees have emerged as candidates for seats on the BurnT Board of Directors. Since there are two seats available they are both acclaimed.

The two candidates who will be the two new members of the Board of Directors starting on April 1, 2014 are:

- Dan Muirhead
- Michael Everson

Please congratulate them and yourselves. I’ve had the opportunity to work with both of them in the past, and the Board will be in excellent hands.

Their candidate statements, for the record, are listed below.

Dan Muirhead:

Groups need iron-fisted rule to be productive. They need to be scared into obedience. Have their spirit’s crushed… Er wait, that’s the wrong speech.

The BurnT Board of Directors needs directors that are capable, responsible and able to compromise. I am none of these things but, I am willing to try!

All joking aside, I would bring a fairly well rounded skill set to the table. This includes everything from event promotion, to having experience serving on a board before. Previous board members have referred to be as capable and responsible, and were thrilled to hear I had put my hat into the ring.

I personally think I would be a good fit for the board, if I am elected I will investigate more ways to bring our community into the mainstream.

Dan Muirhead – The last best choice for BurnT BOD
Mike Everson:

Hi there, my name is Mike! You can usually find me at Site 3, working on an installation in someone’s yard or sharing a pint at Burner Drinks Night. I joined BurnT a few years ago when I showed up to a town hall meeting at Site 3 and was welcomed with open arms. From the first time I set foot into this community I’ve been treated like a dear friend and I’ve come to think of us as a family. I am constantly amazed by the things we Toronto burners have accomplished, and the creativity, dedication and perserverence I see in you on a daily basis. Like any family we have our differences and our conflicts, but I believe we overcome these things and become stronger for it.

I’m running for the BurnT board of directors because I’m interested in taking a more active role in keeping this community strong, involved, and energetic. I’ve been a part of a few different projects and events within BurnT – I helped build Super Street Fire, I was involved with the 2012 CORE project, I was the art curator for the 2012 Decomp, and last year I worked on Charcade/Riskee Ball and co-led the Totenkitten theme camp. These experiences mean a lot to me because I get to work with the people I’ve come to know and love to give back to everyone who has done so much for me.

If elected I’d like to remind the global burner community how creative, spirited and active Toronto burners can be. I have a lot of experience in student politics and running events, and many of those skills (communication, organization, time management and jumping through hoops!) apply to this position. As a member of the BurnT board of directors I’ll be in a much better position to help you, the community, to build, create and showcase your incredible talent and most of all, help everyone remember that we are a family.

If you have any questions or you’d just like to chat, feel free to contact me anytime! You can email me at everson [dot] mike [at] gmail [dot] com, or usually find me at either Site 3 or Burner Drink Nights. Thanks for your time folks!


Hello everyone! Between now and March 30, 2014 there will be both elections for two Board of Director positions and the Annual General Meeting. Read on for more information.


 Two of the five seats on the board of directors for our community non profit are available. 

We will miss Cory’s vigilant attention to detail as our Treasurer and Martin’s practical know-how as VP. Thanks to both of them for all their hard work! The continuing directors are Priya Pepper, Franklin Call, and Chriz North Miller.

Now’s your chance to get involved and be the change you want to see! Elections end on March 30, 2014 with announcement of the new directors at the AGM.

Here’s how the election process works:


We use a “ranked pairs” voting method. That basically means you rank your choices from favorite to least favorite and a computer sorts it out from there. 


Nominations open on March 2nd so start thinking about whether you want to run, or start arm twisting someone awesome. Nominations of others close on Sunday March 9th. You can nominate yourself until March 11th though. Send your nominations to burntentity@gmail.com


If you signed up to vote last time you don’t need to sign up again. 

If you didn’t register to vote in the last election go here to register as a BurnT member. 


 If you don’t know if you’re registered email burntentity@gmail.com


On March 13th, 2014 we’ll announce the candidates. Candidates should prepare a statement to be posted to our online forums prior to that date. Q & A and flesh pressing will commence. It’s a good idea for candidates to go to Burner Drink Night, Town Halls or other Community Events(i.e. the Social at Site 3 on March 23) that might occur.  It’s also a good idea to ask candidates questions in the facebook group. 


Registered voters will receive an email from ballotbin allowing them to vote on March 21st. You can vote until March 28th.


We’ll announce the winners at the AGM on March 30th, 2014. After the AGM we’ll post the results online. 

Don’t worry. We’ll bang the drum and send reminders at every stage of the process. If you have any questions please send them to burntentity@gmail.com


BurnT is required to have an Annual General Meeting. This year it will be held on Sunday March 30, 2014 from 3 pm – 7 pm at a pub downtown – location TBD. This will be a relaxed afternoon of official business mixed with drinks, snacks and an opportunity to hang out with your fellow burners…and meet your newly elected Board members.

Official Business

Some of the official things that happen at the AGM are:

  • The directors will report on the previous year;
  • The financial statements for last year and this year will be presented so you can see how community money has been spent and ask any questions you may have;
  • the Board might want to pass resolutions or change some of the by-laws that it has found don’t work that well in practice or could use fine tuning.
  • The community might want to pass resolutions or change some of the by-laws.

 The community will have an opportunity to vote on these changes at the AGM. 

AGM Process

1) Any resolutions by community members may be received by the BOD Secretary (Priya) until midnight on Monday March 3, 2014 by emailing burntbod@googlegroups.com. Please put AGM Resolution in the Subject Line.

2) On Sunday March 16, 2014 an Agenda will be sent out to the community with all of the submitted resolutions for discussion by the community.

3) Community members can propose amendments to the resolutions until Sunday March 21, 2014. If the amendment is not accepted by the person who submits the resolution, then the amender may, with a seconder (by email or in person at the meeting), introduce a new resolution incorporating the proposed amendment. This amended resolution will also be voted on at the AGM. 

4) If you cannot attend the meeting, you can still vote by proxy from March 22, 2014 to March 29, 2014 at 3pm by emailing the Secretary (Priya) at burntbod@googlegroups.comor the Ombuddy (Dave) at omie@torontoclown.com

The AGM is your opportunity to have that discussion about the direction you want the community to go in…come out and share your views!

Call-Out for Leads and Officers – Applications Due on February 15th

Step Right Up and get involved folks! Help shape the community in 2014 and beyond. We are now taking applications for the following lead roles:

MooseMan Lead 2014 (aka MooseMaster/MooseMistrix)
TComp Lead 2014
Art Grant Officers
Town Crier (Community Communications/Event Marketing)
Web Guru (to work on Community Communications)
Land Scouts (location for big events)
Fire Lead

If you’re interested in any of these roles, please take a look at the full descriptions below. Applications are due on February 15. Please share this around and send your questions or applications to burntbod@googlegroups.com

Many thanks,

Your Humble Volunteer BurnT Board



MooseMan 2014 MooseMaster/MooseMistrix

The MooseMaster(s) are responsible for the production of MOOSEMAN 2014 from conception through to completion. They are expected to coordinate every aspect of Mooseman 2014, our community’s four day regional burn that takes place in the woods.

The ideal candidate(s) have a combination of these hard skills:
Budgeting and procurement
The ability to recruit and motivate volunteer Leads
Coordination, delegation and communication with a team of volunteer Leads, the Board, burnT officers, and the regional representatives

And the following soft skills:
Relationships within the regional Burning Man community
An understanding of Burner ethos
Diplomacy and a thick skin

We appreciate that every lead brings certain strengths and abilities to the task. If you feel strong in some of the areas and would need help in others, please still apply. There are many ways to support and incorporate the skills you bring to the community.

Coordination of Mooseman can include managing details like choosing the event location (in tandem with our Venue Scout officer), selecting the date, selecting volunteer leads for specific areas, choosing rental vendors, working with the volunteer marketing team to creating and distributing marketing materials (invitations, etc.) and arranging transportation for attendees if required. The lead(s) are also expected to be onsite the weekend of Mooseman to oversee set-up, and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Anyone interested should contact the board with their proposal. Send your questions, comments or submissions to the BOD.

TComp Lead 2014
Think Fall of 2014 is a far way off? Not in event-land it isn’t. By now, you know the drill. The lead(s) are expected to coordinate every aspect of TComp 2014.

The ideal candidate(s) have a combination of these hard skills:
Budgeting and procurement
The ability to recruit and motivate volunteer Leads
Coordination, delegation and communication with a team of volunteer Leads, burnT officers, the Board and regional representatives

And the following soft skills:
Relationships within the regional Burning Man community
An understanding of Burner ethos
Diplomacy and a thick skin

Coordination of TComp can include managing details like choosing the event location, selecting the date, selecting volunteer leads for specific areas, choosing rental vendors, working with the volunteer marketing team to creating and distributing marketing materials (invitations, etc.) and arranging transportation for attendees if required.

UNLIKE all the other positions posted, we are making an open call-out now without a hard closing date. Anyone interested should contact the board with a proposal. Send your questions, comments or submissions to the BOD

Art Grant Officers

The primary responsibilities of the Art Grant Officer are to:

Facilitate the bringing of more art to burnT events (including Tcomp and Mooseman) and
Support the growth of burnT community artists who are creating art for Burning Man or related events

Once the Board/Event lead has determined the amount of funds available for art grants in a budget cycle, the AGO will manage the art grant process from start to finish, which includes:
calling out for artists’ submissions
developing the art grant approval process in consultation with the Board of Directors and the event lead
notifying applicants of offers in a timely manner
ensuring that artists satisfy the grant conditions
and working with the treasurer to distribute grants.

For burnT Events, the AGO will coordinate with the event leads and the artists to provide logistical support on-site (transport, layout/location, space requirements, equipment, troubleshooting technical problems, set-up, tear-down, etc.) and document the art (i.e. take photos and keep track of who made what and where that project resides).

The AGO will develop a plan for developing community artists – this may include creating a repository of art grant proposals, hosting workshops to help artists get started, connecting new artists with experienced artists and other great ideas that you may have!

This role will require skills in facilitation, curation and organization. Please include information on what skills and experience you bring to the position and outline your vision on how to bring out the ART in pARTicipation. Send your application to the BOD or contact sparkplug@oldmindspace.com for more information.

Town Crier
The town crier is responsible for telling the community about upcoming events, matching his or her messaging with the Board and Regional Reps and following all sanctioning requirements from the BMorg. That means either doing or delegating the following:

BIG EVENTS: Working with the TComp and MooseMan leads to market our event.
Set up event pages created via the Toronto fb group
Create or solicit the creation of e-posters
Update event listings twitter, burnon.ca, burntoronto.ca
Send listing info to local media (Blog TO, The Grid, NOW, Torontoist)
Make posts to pump up the event with content solicited from photographers etc.
Encourage or Assist leads in posting — DJ mixes (for DJ leads), Pictures of Performers, Artists, Workshops, etc.
Connect with nearby Burner Communities (see list)
Connect with friendly communities with Toronto (see list)
Lead the creation and distribution of flyers at other events

Assist event organizers by updating event listings on twitter, burnon.ca, and burntoronto.ca.
Smaller Events include: Santarchy (December); Newbie Picnic (July); Urban Golf (spring / fall); Bunnarchy (April); Brides of March (March); Bi-Weekly Drink Nights (Thursday’s @ 6:30 p.m.); Monthly Town Halls; Art Fundraisers (ongoing).

If you want more information, contact North at Chriz[dot]North[at]gmail[dot]com.

Web Guru
The web guru is needed to help bring our communications up to snuff. Specifically, we will need someone who understands the basics of the community and how to make that come alive online.

Working with our existing web team and the Town Crier. There are two major goals:
Connecting the online community (this includes SEO and “pointers” between digital spaces”
Helping to update the existing community sites (burntoronto.ca and burnon.ca).

Both sites are done in WordPress, so your comfort working with it is key. Diplomacy and appreciation for the Communication team you’ll be working with is important.

If you want more information, contact North at Chriz[dot]North[at]gmail[dot]com.

Fire Safety Lead
This is a new role with some very cool connections. As some of you may know Dave X and Doxie have been working to professionalize and skill share across all of the different regional events. learning how to organize the safety side of doing effigy burns, plus getting in on propane safety training.

It requires on-site managing and a willingness to stay with it. Ideally you can also travel to some exclusive training events, including Lakes of Fire. In return you get to train with some of the coolest people around. People with experience working with propane, fire safety for effigy burns, etc. are ideal.

If you want more information, contact North at Chriz[dot]North[at]gmail[dot]com.

Land and Venue Scout(s)
The Land/Venue Scout(s) would take all the existing information about potential sites for Tcomp and Mooseman, maintain it and update it with new sites as we become aware of them. A car is required for the out of town sites. This could be a position that could be handled by 2 different people – 1 urban and 1 rural.

If you want more information, contact Martin at MartinSneath[at]gmail[dot]com.

The Quartermaster is in charge of keeping track of community resources, and in charge of finding storage and transportation for them. PLEASE NOTE: This does not include having to store or transport things. While having space and transportation may be an advantage, your job is primarily for tracking, coordinating and delegation.

Good at keeping track of things and able to help? We’d love to have you. Apply to the BOD.

TComp Nov. 2013 DeBrief – Huge Thanks and Financial Reporting

Hello and Happy Holidays,
It’s been 30 days since the fabulous TComp party, and we’ve been counting the budget and counting it twice and come out with some numbers that look quite nice :)
Here’s the brief from your humble BurnToronto Board of Directors (aka BurnT BOD).
Big Thanks
First, is to give a huge thanks to our volunteers. This year’s event was made possible by the amazing efforts of two dozen leads and over a hundred volunteers managed to pull off an amazing show of community coming together. From all of us on the BurnT BOD, we would like to extend a huge round of applause to the artists, door people, bartenders, DJs, coat check, drivers, designers, floor sweepers, potluck solicitors, performers, email writers, flyer-hander-out-ers, and everyone else who pulled this thing off.  Thank you for your pARTicipation.
Volunteers, please watch your inbox for an invitation to an upcoming Volunteer Appreciation event. You are what makes this community happen. You deserve it.
Financial Reporting
We’ve finally finished crunching the numbers and the financial statement. The full review is available here http://bit.ly/1cjxDDQ, but here’s a few of the stats: 
Number of Samosas traded for number of Spanks: 256/1500
Bins full of food donated to Daily Bread Food Bank: 4
Tickets sold: 727
Money raised for the community: $13,000
As you likely know, we are an entirely volunteer-run organization, so all of that money goes directly back into the community. That’s the kind of windfall that will go a long ways to helping us make next year’s MooseMan and TComp great. One place we think that money can be well spent is in art and community development grants. Look for more details to follow early in the new year.
Questions and Feedback
We’re always here to answer your questions, but but if you had any specific questions about TComp, what decisions were made, or why things happen the way they did, please send them to us, and we’ll do our best to give you clear, honest answers.
Last, it’s been said that for every two burners, you get three opinions and maybe a creative non-sequitur for good measure. Feel free to send us any of yours. Since volunteers make TComp happen, keep in mind that constructive criticism is welcome (ie. next year, this could really be great), but stepping up is really the best way to make things happen (ie. next year, this could really be great, and I’m going to volunteer and make sure it happens). We’ll happily send you a reminder about your commitment when we gear up for next year’s event. For this or anything else, our email is burntbod[AT]googlegroups[DOT]com.
That’s all from here. Thanks for your patience and support as we learn the ropes. Here’s to making great things happen in 2014. Happy Holidays,
Your Humble BurnT BOD

T. Comp: Aurora Borealis: Toronto’s BURNING MAN Sanctioned Decompression Event! November 23rd!

Decomp 2013

Come join us for a 12-hour foray into burner art and culture. Be a participant, and bring your costumes, art, music, community and sense of adventure.Please see detailed info below, including Decomp Do’s and Don’t – provided to assist in maximum fun enhancement!

The Circus Academy Training Studio West – 213 Sterling Road, Unit 100 – South side


Saturday November 23, 2013
Workshops from 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. (all ages) FREE
Main Event from 9 p.m. – 4 a.m. (19+ Event – ID Required)

Final Admittance 1 a.m. - 19+ Event – ID Required


25 early bird until Oct 31
$30 regular tickets until Nov 22
$40 @ Door

Hard Ticket Locations:
Centre of Gravity/Sideshow Café ~ 1300 Gerrard St East ~ http://goo.gl/maps/ZmKrL
Shanti Baba ~ 546 Queen St West ~ http://goo.gl/maps/XQ5Ep
Fairies Pajamas ~ 29 Kensington Ave ~ http://goo.gl/maps/0Z998

Hard Ticket Locations:
Centre of Gravity/Sideshow Café ~ 1300 Gerrard St East ~ http://goo.gl/maps/ZmKrL
Shanti Baba ~ 546 Queen St West ~ http://goo.gl/maps/XQ5Ep
Fairies Pajamas ~ 29 Kensington Ave ~ http://goo.gl/maps/0Z998


On Saturday, November 23, 2013 the Toronto Burning Man community invites you to experience a 12-hour foray into burner art and culture. Since 2002, our community has been fostering participatory events open to all. This year we team up with our friends at The Circus Academy Training Studio West and take you on a journey to the playa with interactive art, music, performance and spectacular oddities.

“Aurora Borealis occurs when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. Solarwinds stream away from the sun at speeds of about one million miles per hour. When they reach the earth, some 40 hours after leaving the sun, they follow the lines of magnetic force generated by the earth’s core and flow through the magnetosphere, a teardrop-shaped area of highly charged electrical and magnetic fields.”

Like those highly charged electrical and magnetic fields, our community of builders, imagineers, inventors, composers and participants work together to create a truly unforgettable night of entertainment, inclusion and play in our city. As time passes the idea of play can change and we often think it’s not important, that it’s for kids or we don’t have time for it, but play is crucial to mental creativity, health and happiness – some argue it is the highest expression of our humanity, both imitating and advancing the evolutionary process.

We invite you to take this opportunity to play and dance like the solarwinds of Aurora Borealis, to follow an uncharted path, where you may stumble upon something you have been missing for a long time.

Be a participant, bring your costumes, cups, art, music, and sense of adventure and help us create our best Decompression yet, because this party is YOU.

1. DO think about how you can contribute

- an act, a gift, set up, clean up, become an incredible roving installation, participate in an art project, host a workshop?? All of the above??!!!

2. DO remember to bring…
Your TICKET, photo ID, cash for the bar, and YOUR REFILLABLE CUP!!!, your friendly and mischievous badassitude! (a good attitude)

This year, we strongly encourage you to Bring Your Own reusable Cup. For those who don’t get the memo, cups are $1 on site.
$5 FOR ALL beer and mixed drinks; water, soda, juice, etc. will be $1. There is no ATM on site so if you plan on buying drink tickets, you’ll need to have brought mula in your wallet.

3. DO AskFirst!
Can I take a picture of you? Can I hug you? Can I have some of your beer? Can I touch you?
Always remember to get CONSENT before video-ing, photographing, touching, or otherwise, interacting physically with another participant’s self or belongings.

4. DO find a safe, sober ride to and from the event.
Public transit is a good option if you can’t find a carpool.
Smack dab between Dundas West and Bloor, you can either streetcar or subway it.

5. DO respect the space.
It’s really hard to find a venue with so much space. Please help us maintain a good relationship with ZGW and its neighbors by respecting both the neighborhood and the venue space itself. Please, Leave No Trace.

Please help us with the event and fill out our volunteer form. We need help with setup, pot luck, décor, workshops and more.

Facebook Event Link




Art Grants
Artists, performers and workshop leaders are encouraged to develop proposals relating to the theme of Aurora Borealis. Please send proposals toburnon.artgrants@gmail.com and we will email you an application form. Be sure to read it thoroughly, fill in all the fields and only use the art grant email address to send proposals and correspond with us.

Food Donation
Please contribute to our good food box by bringing a non-perishable food item. All donations will be given to the Daily Bread Food Bank a non-profit, charitable organization fighting to end hunger in our communities.

Most needed food items for food drive:
Baby formula & food
Beans & lentils
Canned fruits & vegetables
Canned fish & meat
Cans of soup or hearty stew
Dried pasta & tomato sauce
Macaroni & cheese
Peanut butter
Canned, powdered or Tetra Pak cartons of milk

Toronto Decompression is an official Burning Man Decompression, and in the spirit of the playa, is guided by these 10 principles:
Radical inclusion
Radical self-reliance
Communal effort
Civic responsibility
Leave no trace


T.Comp: Aurora Borealis on November 23rd! Leads and Volunteers needed


Come join us for a 12-hour foray into burner art and culture. Be a participant, and bring your costumes, art, music, community and sense of adventure. Tickets will be available shortly, so stay tuned for more information.

We need leads to help us make T.COMP a raving success … If you would like to help us out by leading a group of amazing volunteers plan this amazing party please email Daniel Girard at anucerfen@yahoo.ca. We also need lots of volunteers to help us out this night as well … from set up to tear down and clean up. Also email Daniel at anucerfen@yahoo.ca.

Sound & Lighting Leads

- Brian Penhale
- Brad Neil
- ?

Art Curator/Art Grants
- Chloe Rawhide (Art Grants)
- Kim Brilliant (Art Grants)
- Priya S. (BurnT Representation)
- Daniel Girard (tie breaker)

DJ/Performance Leads
- Freedom Danish
- Andrew McCallum
- Roland Lopes
- ?

Décor Leads
- Goldstar (Main Plounge)
- ?
- ?

Greeter Lead
- ?

Door Lead (Security)
- ?

Ranger Lead
- ?

- ?

Workshops Lead
- ?

Sanitation Leads (Washroom/Porta-Potties) (1 male & 1 female)
- ?
- ?

First Aid Lead
- ?




Latest News: Early Bird Tickets for MooseMan 2013 on sale!

Drake's Mooseman, 2009It’s that time again! MooseMan 2013, here we come.

$60 early bird tickets on sale from now until June 30th just before midnight. Attendance for the event is capped, so buy your tickets early! Ticket prices go to $80 July 1st and will last until July 30th just before midnight. There are also a limited number of hardship tickets available — find out more below.
So what are you waiting for?  ;)


Eventbrite - Mooseman

Fire, fun and friends. Come join us at Mooseman this Thursday, August 1 to Monday, August 5, 2013. All the fun and none of the dust. The event will is set to take place on beautiful property near Minden, ON. This party is non-profit, radically inclusive and the most audacious festival in Ontario, all put on by you, our pARTicipants. Find out more here: Continue reading

2013 Election Information

Hello BurnT

Your candidates for Board of Directors are:
Becky Belton
Chriztopher North
Franklin Call
Jen Polyzotis
Jennifer Rock
Laura Weller
Martin Sneath
Mike Everson
Priya Sarin
Rhonda Loubert
Seth Hardy

You may now register to vote at one of these sites:



Please note that under the ranked-pairs option that our service uses, you will be presented with the full list of 11 candidates to rank, according to your preference.  The top 10 of 11 candidates that you rank will receive points based on how you ranked them with your vote.  Your top ranked candidate will receive 10 points, your second ranked candidate will receive 9 and so on.  That means your 10th ranked candidate gets one point and your 11th – lowest – ranked candidate receives zero points.


If you wish to vote only for certain candidates and give zero points to other candidates, then rank your preferred candidates at the top of the list in order, and remove the other candidates by clicking the minus signs beside their names. Let’s say you want to vote for ONE candidate only.  You would rank them #1, and remove all other ten candidates, giving your candidate a whopping 10 points and giving zero points to their opponents.

Also please note that vote notices go out in batch, and it’s a manual process so please be patient.  Vote notifications should go out within a few dates of registering.

We’ll be publishing some candidate bios and blurbs next week.

May 25th - registration ends at the end of today at midnight
June 1st - voting ends at the end of today at midnight.

June 3rd - announcement of election results
Good luck to all candidates.