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Hey everyone! We want 2014 to be the Themey Campiest Mooseman yet!!

So far we have a great little bunch of theme camps, but we need MOAR! Make a little one or make a big one! Thanks to those who have already registered!

To help us sort out placement for the masses of camps, please answer the questions on the Theme Camp Registration Questionnaire below and email to hillarythomson [at] “gee-mail”. Submit as soon as possible.

The due date for official registration is Wednesday, July 9th, however, over the next few weeks we would love to have an idea of how many/what sorts of theme camps we can expect. So whether you are in the midst of planning or your idea is just a sparkle in your mind, let us know what you’re thinking. We might be able to assist, and the sooner we know, the better!

In case you missed it the first time, here are some suggestions: Java Camp, Experimental Dentistry Camp, PB&J Snobs, Poodle Boob Dancers Camp, Make Out with a Mannequin camp, Fun Fur Outfitters!

If you are unsure of some of your specifics, simply answer “don’t know yet”.

1. What is the name of your theme camp?

2. Who is the contact person(s)? Please provide contact email and phone number.

3. Theme camp theme…like, what is it ?

4. How is your theme camp interactive?

5. Approximately how much space does your theme camp need? Do you have special requirements for your area?
(There are some factors however that will affect your placement: Will people be passing through 24 hours a day or just at limited times of the day? Is the camp intended for daytime or nighttime activity? Are you planning to burn your camp? Do you prefer or require relatively peaceful surroundings?)

6. Do you require power? If so, what is your power plan?

7. Do you have any amplified sound or gear? Do you want to be loud? HOW LOUD? WHAT?

8. What is your set-up/tear down plan and timeline?

9. What is your Leave No Trace plan?

10. Is your camp Adults-Only? Kid Friendly? Neither, as in ‘just a camp’? Why or Why Not ? Explain.

11. Information on any other way we can assist you in setting up your Theme Camp for mOOseman

12. Do you want people to know about your camp before they arrive at Mooseman?
(If you want to publicize your camp, submit your description and a graphic (optional) for the What Where When guide by July 20th ish.)

Send your info to Hillary at hillarythomson at geee mail dot com

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