What does BurnT do with the money from events? Everyone is a volunteer is the organization, so there is no payroll. Instead, we help support two large community events every year, TComp in the winter and MooseMan in the summer. In reality, TComp is the only event we hold that actually makes money. Mooseman is designed to break even, or hopefully, be slightly positive.

So where does the money go? Aside from usual event costs, most of our spending goes to making art. Thanks to countless hours by our hardy volunteers, the org has enough to support artists who in turn take those funds and countless hours to create amazing pieces to share with our community and beyond.

Here’s a spreadsheet that summarizes all the grants allocated in 2014 for art projects (including the effigy and temple at Mooseman). The total is approximately $8600.

BurnT Art Grants 2014

On top of this amount, BurnT contributed $1700 to Burners Without Borders with $1350 of it coming back to Toronto to benefit a non-profit called Sketch while the rest went to running the organization and teaching circus to street kids in Kenya. Many thanks to all of your hard work that helped make it happen. Our community is growing and so are our contributions 🙂


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