Former Toronto Mayoral Candidate Sketchy the Clown Co-Hosts Kaleidoscope: A 10-hour Art Party That Boasts Something for Everyone, Everywhere.

Toronto ON, Canada

The BurnT OUT Interactive Arts Society and Sketchy the Clown present Kaleidoscope, a multi-venue fundraising event in support of interactive art.  On April 18th, 2015 BurnT invites revellers to experience 8 venues in the Bloor/Ossington and Dufferin/Geary areas, transformed by: community-based workshops, fashion shows, art exhibits, dancing, flame effects, body painting, “dirty” bingo, karaoke, interactive art, comedy, circus arts, bondage exhibits, live music and more.

Inspired by participatory art and festival culture, Sketchy the Clown describes his inspiration to co-ordinate this first-of-it’s kind event: “It was hard to find a place where we could cram 1,000 people in and do lots of weird things – and we wanted to replicate the feeling of wandering about discovering new things like you do at festivals, so we decided to approach multiple intimate spaces instead.” The lead organizer and BurnT board member continues: “I basically used the Burningman Festival as my blueprint, except that while there will be fire, we wont burn anything down and there will be a lot less raver hippies.” Sketchy goes on to say that both hippies and ravers are welcome.

The venues in each cluster were chosen based on their ability to host transformative art experiences, and their proximity to one another. Organizers recommend participants walk or cycle between clusters.  A $20 wristband, available at most of the venues the day of the event, gets you into all locations.

Sketchy and his crew recommend participants put lots of lights on their costumes and decorate their bikes, and to be prepared for “spontaneous acts of inspired participation”.

Bloor and Ossington area
Site 3 – 718R Ossington, Baseline – 865 Bloor St W, Saving Gigi – 859 Bloor St W, Super Wonder Gallery – 876 Bloor St W

Dufferin and Geary area
Geary Warehouse
– 226 Geary Ave, Kitch – 229 Geary Ave, Geary Lane– 360 Geary, Theatrix Costume House – 165 Geary Ave, Satellite Lounge – 91 Brandon Ave

Featured Art
– David Fradkin & David Abraham, Sapphire Tarantula Marionette – The Sketcheteers, Phoning it in – Seth Hardy, 5 Cubes and 2 deathtraps – Kris Coward & Christine Davis, Reubens Table – Marc Reeve-Newsom, #circuscreative – Andrew Miller, and more.

Event activities
DJs, live music, workshops, comedy, fire spinning, dirty bingo, tarot readings, fashion show, suspension bondage, karaoke, burn barrels, black light body painting,
and more.

BurnT OUT Interactive Arts Society is a regional group of people who fund interactive art projects for Figment, Nuit Blanche, Mooseman, Burningman and, of course, Kaleidoscope.  http://burntoronto.ca/
Kaleidoscope, April 18th 4pm-2am, $20 at the doors

Contact: Sketchy the Clown – sketchytheclown@gmail.com647 504-7873

Kaleidoscopic - Giant Kaleidoscope by David Fradkin and David Abraham

Kaleidoscopic – Giant Kaleidoscope by David Fradkin and David Abraham

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